I scrawled the following, after visiting my aunt, who is in a care home. A woman in; it was shocking  the next room was yelling and cursing. I cannot stop thinking about her, It was both pitiful and shocking. It puts my own form of Alzheimer’s, known as PCA, in perspective . PCA  is the atrophy of the back part of the brain, and affects vision: ie space awareness, orientation, perception, literacy, motor  skills, and much more; but it does not affect  cognitive function, ,which is governed  by the front part of the brain. That said, PCA is likely to develop into the more familiar  form at a later date.

Anyhow, here is the tiny piece I wrote.

Time Laps.

The child she was, visiting the child she is.
Do they greet each other as they fly by?
Tea in a cup. Laughter in aspic.


3 thoughts on “A VISIT.

  1. It’s me again, Nicolas from France. Perhaps going to care homes to see old aunts is a bit hard for you from now on , the future author of The Lupo Stick has so many other things to do… And there’s much dignity in seeing yourself as a laboratory with objectivity. Please feel No shame for an illness that will preserve your cognition for a long time to go, whatever other impediments may be , yours is a new life on the making , but you’re still an author !
    Time for me to have sunday lunch
    With my best regards

  2. Valerie
    I read your blog with sorrow, pride and admiration of your wonderful determination. No surprise really, you always were strong willed ! Still love music ? Will think of you at to nights concert at Warwick A.C.
    James x

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