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The image of Alzheimer’s needs to change.

Too often it is a whispered word, as though it  is something shameful; as though it is repugnant. To most people it seems foreign and frightening. They conjure up a kind of Bedlam, where everyone is drooling, screaming and moaning. Or they conjure up the silent shell of a human being. And, sadly for those who are severely afflicted, this can be the case. But Alzheimer’s/Dementia has many faces, of all ages and many variants.

I have no doubt that there are many people with the disease, walking about perfectly ‘normally’ and getting on with their lives, as I am. And the only person to know that they had Alzheimer’s, would be themselves.

However, in way do I want to minimise Alzheimer’s: As it becomes more extreme, it can be grim, indeed.

What I would like, is to see is more Awareness, and less Prejudice. And always openness.

There’s no shame, in having Alzheimer’s. It’s just another stage.    I should know.

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