special day.

An amazing day yesterday.  I spoke at  St Hugh’s  College, Oxford, for the Fifth Annual Conference of “Creative  Dementia”: This  fantastic organisation provides a forum for a network of arts-based activities  for   people of all ages living with dementia.

The  activities include: singing, dance,  painting, playing instruments, art appreciation, performing… and more besides. All these help restore   vigour,  purpose, excitement, stimulation, and self –worth to the  many whose  lives have  ceased to  have meaning.

As someone with PCA, the same unusual form of Alzheimer’s which afflicted Terry Pratchett, I cannot  stress enough  how wonderful it is to be able still to express yourself through the arts;  how essential for the soul; how important for wellbeing.

I felt so privileged to speak yesterday: The atmosphere was quite incredible, and the warmth of  the  audience  –  more than a hundred strong – the feeling  enveloped me.

Thank you, to Maria Parsons, Co-founder , for inviting me.







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